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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect as a JASP+ teacher fellow?


​Following the symposium, JASP+ teacher fellows will learn together in a series of professional + pedagogical development workshops, where teachers will participate in up to 4 short, practical, discussion-based workshops on how to use this year’s digital tools in your classroom.  All workshops are collaborative and discussion-based, centering your needs.  Teacher fellows will have unique access to NHC resources, UNC digital media labs and tools, and work closely with JASP+ directors to develop projects tailored to your classroom needs.


​JASP+ is a community-conscious, cohort-based program that puts teachers first.  It’s important to us that you get the chance to connect with your fellow teachers and have plenty of chances to discuss together, share ideas together, and celebrate together!  Our programming prioritizes spaces for discussion, collaboration, and pedagogical innovation.


How do I apply?

JASP+ welcomes applications from all North Carolina public school educators PreK-12 with an interest in incorporating digital humanities projects in their classrooms! JASP+ supports students of all ages and the educators who work with them.


In collaboration with the Jane Austen Summer program Teacher Scholars program, JASP+ will select a small cohort of teachers based on applicants’ interest in incorporating digital humanities programs into the humanities classroom.  We are looking for teachers who are excited about bringing the digital humanities to their classroom – for any age, at any level, and with any kind of literature.

Space is limited this year as we continue to build bigger and better programming. If you're interested in getting involved in JASP+ 2024, please email JASP+ co-directors, Anna Merz and Katherine Stein. In future years, we look forward to welcoming larger cohorts of teacher fellows!

Applications for JASP+ 2023 have closed. We look forward to working with you next year for

JASP+ 2024!


What are my options for room and board?

JASP+ works closely with the Jane Austen Summer Program to ensure that all JASP+ teachers have access to affordable housing on UNC-Chapel Hill's campus.  All JASP+ teachers will have the opportunity to extend their stay at UNC's dorms and continue to live and work together in community for the duration of JASP and JASP+ programming.


Teacher scholars and JASP+ fellows are responsible for paying for their dorm rooms. Please visit the Jane Austen Summer Program website for more information about how to book your room for JASP 2024. 


What kinds of digital tools can I expect to work with?

JASP+ is all about exploration, access, and love for humanities education! Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with as many of the digital tools listed below as they would like–without the pressure to produce a polished project. JASP+ prioritizes teachers’ professional expertise in their subjects and interest in digital tools. Last year, we were excited to offer collaborative support in the following tools:

Knightlab Storymap + Knightlab Timeline + Adobe Express

Stay tuned to learn more about this year's digital tools!


Storymap uses a combination of images and slides to take your audience on a visual journey. Users can work with a “Maps” function to geographically locate audiences within relevant literary, artistic, or historical places. You can “tell stories with large photographs, works of art, historic maps, and other image files.” It offers an immersive learning experience that works beautifully for teachers of humanities subjects.


Timeline “enables anyone to build visually rich, interactive timelines.” The collaborative nature of this program would make it easy for students to work in small groups to build narratives about separate events occurring at the same time, or to learn from timelines created by their teacher. This tool supports teaching a rich, layered version of historical narratives. Timeline allows the intricacies, complexities, + interconnectedness of history to shine in a digital format.


Adobe's open-access Express for Education allows you to bring the power of Adobe into your classroom, your pedagogy, and your presentations. Adobe Express is a versatile digital platform that utilizes accessible drag-and-drop technology, enabling users to create dynamic multimedia content in the form of web pages, short videos, and social graphics. Express's tech opens up the potentiality of storytelling and digital narratives in the classroom.

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