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Teachers using Technology
for Literature + Literacy


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JASP+ leverages the resources available at UNC Libraries and the National Humanities Center to offer unique pedagogical trainings and professionalization opportunities to teachers attending the Jane Austen Summer Program (JASP). Select public school teachers (PreK-12) will win a scholarship + spend up to 2 days after the symposium working collaboratively on a digital, publishable project synthesizing ideas taken from JASP lectures and discussion groups. 


Teacher fellows will come together virtually to meet fellow educators + discuss your goals: we are excited to hear about what you want to get out of this year's JASP+! Teachers will also select a topic or question to follow during JASP.


Throughout all four days of the JASP 2023 symposium, "Austen's Teenage Writings,"

teacher fellows will meet together and with JASP+ directors in community to discuss teachers' evolving interests and the ways you envision getting to use Austen in the classroom.



Expanding on the ideas that inspired you during JASP, JASP+ invites participants to begin creating teaching tools that work for you in your classroom. JASP+ teachers are funded to stay through June 20 to participate in workshops, build projects, + discuss as a community.


Future JASP+ collaborations might center on podcasting, working with digital archives, digitizing manuscripts or other textual objects, or building interactive, annotated versions of the novels to bring into classrooms anywhere. 

Let's explore together!

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